How to introduce a male escort as your guest at a glittering even

Despite success in your chosen profession, maybe even running your own highly profitable business, it can still be a bit nerve-wracking to turn up at a corporate launch as a single woman. And yes, this shouldn’t be the case in this day and age but reality reveals otherwise. It can be doubly intimidating when you don’t know all that many individuals – if any – in the room, yet it is crucial that you make a good impression.

Evoke an entrance

One way to certainly lift a few envious eyebrows amongst your fellow females is to turn up with a handsome, articulate and refined male escort in tow. Certainly, turning heads is one way to make an impression, the other is to impress through engaging and witty conversation. Introduce him simply as your ‘companion’ or ‘an old friend whom you thought might enjoy the evening.’ Either way, do so with a naughty twinkle in your eye. This allows you to hint at a romantic relationship without blatantly saying so. A downright lie, after all, can cause even the most forthright of us to give the game away with a tell-tale blush.

And there’s no need to worry that you will be rumbled either for your companion for the evening will be nothing but discretion itself. Remember, he has enacted this role many times before and will enjoy some friendly flirting while attentively ensuring that your glass is filled up all evening and a guiding hand laid on the small of your back at appropriate moments.

Debunk the dullness

The thrill of hiring a male escort can also be exciting and certainly add a debonair spark to a business evening which, although it may be important to count yourself in attendance, may very well have turned out rather dull and uneventful otherwise. Let’s face it – we have all been there and it would be career suicide to drink too much to mask the boredom.

Meanwhile, worried some business acquaintances may get suspicious because you’ve never even hinted – let along mentioned – this handsome ‘other half’ in the past? Don’t be. Spontaneous romances occur every day.

Of course, on this note, it’s important to remember that in order for your evening to go smoothly it’s important for both you and your male escort to meet briefly beforehand for an introductory drink and to allow you to ‘get your story straight’ ie how you met, how long you’ve known each other (in case any envious female in the room asks.

Females fighting back

According to various surveys, male escorts are most commonly booked by women aged from 30 to 55. This is after all, the age group where their male counterparts are still famously looking for women in their twenties (regardless of whether THEY are 30 or 50. So it’s only fair then that females indulge in a little ‘getting their own back.’

Another reason for hiring a male escort for important – and even not so important – events is the lack of time available for finding a partner that ticks the interesting, humorous, good-looking and professional box anyhow.

After all, the reason successful professional women achieve in business is because they put so much effort into it – both physically and mentally. And that means the time to indulge in the dating game happens to be limited. Add to this the fact that, with the exception of the local sports club, a hobby like skiing or golf and a holiday abroad, there really aren’t that many occasions when an eligible partner can be found hanging around just waiting to be picked up by a gorgeous successful woman like yourself.

And, even if you do have the time, perhaps you’d prefer to spend it with your girlfriends or family instead?

Now we come to think of it too – isn’t there something soothingly satisfying about being able to send a man away when you feel like a little peace and quiet – and without recriminations on either side?!