What to expect when you hire a male escort

How long can I book for?
This is entirely up to you. Based on my own experience most dates last from one to two days although it’s not unknown to book for a few hours either. It just depends on your own schedule and your gut feeling about how we’ll get on based on our phone calls and emails before the date.
Many of my clients opt for the two days booking first-off but others are more cautious and prefer to start off with a few hours first to see how well our chemistry matches.

Will I be expected to pay for dinner?
If it’s a dinner date you’ve arranged then yes. All expenses are paid by the client. The fee is for companionship only.

Will my escort be tactile?
If you’d like him to put a comforting arm around you or hold hands in order that you look more like an ‘ordinary’ couple then, again, do let him know beforehand. From my own point of view, I see this as your special time and I’m always more than happy to please you in any way I can.

Is it possible my escort would accompany me overseas?
There’s no reason why you can’t book your male escort for a weekend trip abroad. Many women do! In fact, the majority of my rendezvous are for overseas trips. Just make sure your escort is available for that length of time. And remember, you would be expected to pay for the travel and accommodation.

What if I go on the date and don’t like my male escort?
This has never happened to myself but I have heard of others having this experience. You’ll find thought that most of the male escorts tend to be incredibly well groomed, good conversationalists and extremely charming. They’re also cultured and well-read. Just make sure you do your research beforehand so that you lessen the chances of this happening! Some ladies even choose to talk on the phone prior to the first encounter.

When should I pay?
Payment is always upfront, at the start of the day and handled in a very discreet fashion (usually by leaving an envelope in a pre-arranged place). After all, we don’t want to lose time worrying about the financial side on our date, do we ;)?

Unlike internet dating sites, it’s a given that your male escort really will look like the photograph on the website and you’ll have an extremely enjoyable evening. It’s also true that most women don’t feel half as nervous with a male escort as they would on a regular blind date.

That’s because you’re ALWAYS in control and, when it comes down to it, call all the shots. You can be completely frank and upfront too (which is always a relief – there’s no pressure to try and impress your dinner date). Are you convinced yet? Even if you’re just considering hiring a male escort, why not give me a call today and chat it through? There’s no pressure and you’ll probably be quite impressed how easy, natural and pleasant it can be !!!